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Welcome to Sargiful
1.  Fun Games for Learning and Creativity
   Fun Games for Learning are aimed to make children learn the complex principals of Science, Mathematics, Social Sciences and awareness about the importance of Environment Conservation through different learning and joyful games and activities. The Fun games includes Math and Science with Fun, Magic with Science, Experiments on different principals of Science, Display and Exhibition on Environment Conservation, Team building exercises, alertness and ice breaking exercises, communication and confidence building exercises etc.
  Similarly Games for Creativity are intended for providing children the opportunity of honing and expressing their creativities through game activities. This includes Creative Writing and Storey Telling, Theatre, Small and Simple film Making, Child Reporting etc.
2. Arts and Craft:
  These activities are aimed to provide children opportunities of honing skills in Art and Craft. This includes exposure to contemporary art, creativity expression, painting, different art making, Origami, papier mache (forms of paper craft) etc.
3.  Cultural Activities:
  This includes a number of cultural activities like Odishi dance, Creative Dance, Contemporary Dance, Singing etc.
4. Life Skills
  This includes Karate, Preventive Health Care etc.
5. Other
  In addition to the above different competitions like Debate, Art, Essay etc. competitions are also organized during the Sargiful. Children are als
  The Scheduled Tribe (ST) and Scheduled Caste (SC) Development (SSD) Department, Government of Odisha is a nodal agency for the welfare of ST and SC communities. The SSD, Department runs above1600 schools to provide primary, upper primary, secondary and senior secondary education to the children of SC and ST communities. SSD Department is committed to provide comprehensive and quality educational opportunities to the students studying in these schools.
  In consistence with the objectives of providing quality educational opportunities, the ST & SC Development Department strives to excel the innate ability and competitive brilliance of the Children studying in the schools run by the Department. The Department organizes a number of curricular and co-curricular activities at school and district level to enhance the academic brilliance as also the overall persona of the students.