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About Us
The Tribal communities in India have diverse but rich cultural practices. Their cultural practices may differ from one place to another but one thing that brings them together is - worshiping nature and its creations. As people say, the term Sargiful is derived from the name of flower of a Tree - Sal, which Tribal communities not only worship but also believe in its sacredness. Ensuing from the Sal Tree, the Sargiful over the years has become the emblem of sacredness, cohesiveness and prosperity of tribal culture.
With this background of the term Sargiful, the ST & SC Development Department started a Children’s Magazine – SARGIFUL, in the year 2000. The magazine embarked on with publishing the children work like small stories, essays, drawing, poems etc. written by the children themselves and over the years became an instrument of representing the children’s creative talent.
In the year 2010 the ST & SC Development Department broaden the horizon of Sargiful and started organizing a grand fair for children which goes with the same name SARGIFUL. The basic theme of the SARGIFUL - to elicit children's inherent creative talent, though remain same but through this fair children have got multitude of opportunities and medium to express their talent.
Office Address: ST & SC Development Department, Government of Odisha
Phone Number: 0674 – 2536672